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Another blog from a blue chip company

January 21, 2006

Stephen Baker at BusinessWeek reports we have another another blue-chip blogger.

More questions about why the Fortune 500 companies don’t blog. And yet new blogs from big companies are emerging constantly–just not from the penthouse suites. The latest from our company is the Renewable Energy Blog from Platts, the energy information service. A couple of months ago, Heather and I talked about blogging with Michelle Twist, London-based editor of It’s great to see they’ve come out with a blog.

Platts ain’t no chop liver. Their energy news, information and price assessments are the ultimate sources of global energy intelligence. They reach senior executives at all the major energy companies, financiers, traders, analysts, risk managers, regulators, transporters/distributors and end-users.

Large law firms and professional services companies need to take note that their big clients and prospective clients are going to be publishing blogs. Blogs will not be a foreign term to them.

You should be thinking of blogs for two reasons. One, so your clients and prospects look at you as innovative. Two, to reach in house counsel and exec’s in these corporations.

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