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Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) for lawyers defending bloggers

January 9, 2006

Meg Spohn replied to my post on the need for lawyers to defend bloggers’ First Amendment rights. She says the the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) assists in some matters such as hers. “For those attorneys who would like to defend people like me, getting in touch with the EFF is a great place to start.”

Meg was fired form her DeVry University teaching post for blogging on items the university found offensive. I suggested that lawyers take a stance and start using their blogs to come down on organizations who want to chill bloggers.

Interesting that Meg wrote me from her University of Denver email address where she’s doctoral student. Meg’s bio on the University of Denver site says she has taught ‘Graduate Research & Writing’ and ‘Writers on Writing.’ Looks like the University of Denver is open to free academic speech.

That puts DeVry and Marquette University Dental School on the record for stomping on bloggers’ free expression. Know of others?

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