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Lawyer blog fight : Should anyone really care

January 5, 2006

Taking more shots for asking a question. Again need to post here as TechLawAdvisor’s comment feature does not work.

I wish Blawg Review great success. It’s entertained a lot of people and has offered a lot of insight on various issues relating to lawyer blogs. Anything that gets more lawyers publishing blogs is great. Hell, lawyers freely sharing practical legal information on blogs helps improve the image of the legal profession – something both lawyers and the general public stand to gain from.

Anonymously running Blawg Review, something akin to a law review, strikes me as silly. I asked who they were and asked why they were afraid to disclose who they were. What’s so bad about that? I couldn’t ask on the site as blawg review won’t allow comments to their posts.

I took a jibe at the name ‘blawg’ at the same time. That’s because I think it’s a stupid name.

The legal space is strange in that when people are questioned, it’s viewed as a personal attack. There’s not the wide open and swinging debate that lads to innovation you’ll see in the tech arena. That’s why the profession is light years behind others in technology – we do not openly challenge, criticize and accept free comment.

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