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Blawg Review : Blog fight club?

Looks like I am out making enemies again. What else is new?

Got a nice response to my inquiring into who the heck was the editor of Blawg Review? They still won’t say. And cannot post a comment to some ‘mild attacks’ on the blog as comments are not allowed on Blawg Review.

Anyhow, I just like to know who I am responding to and who is questioning how PubSub’s Law List works. I sent Blawg Review’s original inquiry on PubSub onto my contact at PubSub. PubSub’s been excellent on responding, which responses I pass onto the inquirer. In this case, I don’t know who they are so I’ll post the response here.

As an aside, understanding all the mechanics of PubSub’s ranking is a little like understanding all the mechanics of Google. Like Google, PubSub is not going to share their ranking algorithm with the public. The large aggregators like PubSub, Tecnorati, IceRocket and Newsgator are building systems to rank the relevance of blogs. As Google prevailed on search relevance for Web sites in general, there’s a ton to be gained by becoming the leader on blog/RSS feed search relevance.

As for the name ‘blawg,’ it’s stupid. Do I have respect for the lawyers who use that term to label their legal blog? Sure, many are some of the finest people you could meet and have contributed more to the Internet community than I ever will. I’ll still think their use of the term ‘blawg’ is silly and a turnoff to the public which already dislikes all the legaleze the legal profession surrounds itself with.

As to the Blawg Review, like I said, I think much of what has been offered is excellent. I still think running around as an ‘anonymous editor’ voicing opinions is silly. But what the heck do I know?

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