There's a blog by the name of Blawg Review (for non lawyers, blawg is a 'special name' some lawyers require people to call their blogs). The blog has archived some excellent summaries on legal blogs while at the same time editorialized on subjects relating to lawyer blogs. Now the 'editor of the blawg review', refusing to disclose their identity, emails people, asking questions, presumably for the purpose of further postings.

I don't know about you guys but when I get emails asking me to respond with information, I like to know who's asking. I'd also like to think a lawyer, assuming that's who they are, who has an opinion, isn't afraid to stand up behind the opinion and say it's mine.

What's the fear in this case?

  • (Disclaimer: I did have the pleasure of meeting Kevin at BlawgThink, and he seems like a nice and reasonable person–I don't mean anything disparaging by this comment. I just don't think anonymity should matter.)
    I thought maybe I was over-reacting when I read your post, but I agree Kevin Heller… it left a bad taste in my mouth.
    I understand why you might not want to divulge sensitive information to an anonymous source, but why such animosity in the post?! I've had some communication with Ed. from my hosting of Blawg Review and helping out some other hosts, but I have no idea who Ed. is, nor do I care… why does it matter?
    Whoever Ed. may be, they coordinate a great resource that is fun to read and fun to host. I guess my question would be: why do you care?

  • I agree Kevin Heller…

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