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Increasing blog traffic : three simple steps

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes, the publisher of the PC Doctor Blog shared with Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger three simple actions that doubled his blog traffic in a month.

  • Technorati tags.  By tagging keywords in posts he found that such posts were getting a lot more attention then their untagged counterparts, and as an added advantage he was getting focused, quality traffic.
  • Leveraging existing website. He placed a few FeedBurner headline animator blocks (Buzzboost) on some of his web sites most popular pages so that his blog posts could be seen on his Web site and after a day or so noticed a significant increase in traffic.
  • Trackback links to popular sites. When he wrote about a post in another blog he set up the appropriate trackback for it. He found varied results depending on the site and post linked to.

Kingsley-Hughes says “This kept my interest in the site until it came out of the Google sandbox and I started to receiver some serious traffic.”

I can see what LexBlog is going to be working on next year for our clients. Trackbacks and tagging.

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