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Seven offline tips to increase blog traffic

December 28, 2005

Most blog publishers focus on online methods for building traffic. Ted Demopoulos, a corporate communications professional and co-author of Blogging for Business, has seven offline tips for increasing blog traffic.

  1. Business Cards. Listing your blog on your business card can help it stand out instead of being filed with all the others — never to be seen again, and can start conversations with clients and prospects.
  2. Letterhead. People will immediately check out your blog out.
  3. Press Releases. Press releases normally mention your firm’s Web site. A press release template can be modified to mention your blog as well. A press release can also be issued to specifically publicize your blog, especially if the blog is a useful resource and is chockfull of content.
  4. Presentations. Presentation slides and handouts should list your blog and website on every page in small text near the copyright statement.
  5. Advertisements. Although some people and organizations have explicitly advertised their blogs, it is more common to add a blog URL to an existing advertising campaign. And if your blog has good content and offers them value, they are more likely to return and become regular readers.
  6. Stickers. When used appropriately, stickers are cheap and get a lot of attention.
  7. Voice mail messages. Some people have reported some success mentioning their blog on their voice mail message.

Ted’s blog, Blogging for Business, which accompanies his new book by the same name, is worth checking out. Added it to my feeds this morning.

Source of post: Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger.

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