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LexBlog picked up by Talking Points Memo

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, a blog with more than 500,000 readers a month, cited LexBlog as part of an industry that has blossomed to get companies up and blogging.

Josh did not endorse us and as to blog consultants in general asked “Who knew there was such a thing?”

With so much buzz and activity brewing around blogs these days and so many ‘old media’ companies launching their own blogs, I guess it only makes sense that a minor trade would have sprung up of people who will provide good counsel and advice on how to blog and how to set up blogs and, I have to assume, various blogging best practices, whatever those might be.

But it just hadn’t occurred to me that such a species of consultants existed.

I first heard the phrase a month or so ago when a reader wrote in to ask whether I could recommend a qualified blog consultant to help his law firm set up a blog.

There’s actually a sort of funny side note here. The way I learned how to do web design was that when I was in graduate school I had a web design company that specialized in designing web sites for law firms. (By ‘company’, of course, I mean me with some help from my then-girlfriend.) That was my way of supplementing my meager graduate student stipend and wages.

In any case, some quick googling just found me this outfit [LexBlog] that apparently specializes in setting up blogs just for law firms. (Note: No, that’s not a recommendation; just found them on Google and linked them as an example.)

I can understand how what we do seems odd to folks like Josh. He and his team know what they are doing. I learned blogging the same way, by the seat of my pants.

When I discovered blogs, I thought they were a natural for good lawyers who wanted to openly share legal information with the public. Heck, we lawyers have such an awful reputation. Those lawyers who were willing to get out and converse with people via their blogs could only help nudge us up above used car dealers on the list of the least trusted.

Though lawyers may be good at helping their clients, most are pretty lame when it comes to Internet marketing, especially when it comes to knowing how to host, design and publish an effective blog.

So while working out of my garage after the sale of my last company to LexisNexis it just made common sense to launch such an enterprise. That’s how the LexBlog turnkey marketing blog solution of consulting, custom design, training, hosting, SEO and free on going tech & marketing support was born.

By helping lawyers, maybe we’ll even help a few ordinary folks along the way.

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