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LexBlog customer service : We’ll be relentless in efforts to be great

December 26, 2005

When Weblogs Inc. was growing like crazy, they had a few server problems. Jason Calacanis, it’s co-founder, provided constant updates via his blog. As things improved, Jason shared ‘We may have just stopped sucking.’

Despite our goal to having our clients be raving fans and lot of testimonials, there’s been times when LexBlog has sucked. Like any growing technology company there’s the addition of equipment, software and most importantly, people. As our fearless leader, it’s my job to make sure all those things gel. Sometimes, I fail.

But in the coming year I am going to be relentless in my efforts to deliver great service. I am going do my best to walk that talk. I am going to demand the same of each of LexBlog’s employees.

Seth Godin shared the two obvious secrets of every service business.

  1. Take responsibility
  2. Pay attention to detail

There’s a lot of wisdom in Seth’s post.

You’d be stunned to see a hotel clerk stealing money from the till or a bartender smashing bottles or a management consultant drawing on the client’s wall with a magic marker. But every single day, I encounter ‘that’s not my job’ or ‘our internet service is outsourced, it’s their fault.’ More subtle but more important are all the little details left untended.

All the magazine ads in the world can’t undo one lousy desk clerk.

All businesses are service business and experience is the product…

Yes, there may be times when LexBlog service sucks in the coming year. But we’re still going to be relentless in our efforts to be great.

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