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Seth Godin are you listening? Christmas gift for you.

Seth Godin, best selling author, entrepreneur and agent of change, reported he was having blog publishing problems, presumably caused by a few of the problems TypePad was experiencing last week.

So, for those of you frustrated by the missing pictures, missing posts, RSS glitches and other blog noise going on, I promise you (if it makes you feel better) that I’m just as more frustrated.

Hopefully, as the winter solstice passes, the fidelity of blog delivery will increase.

As our Christmas present to you Seth, LexBlog would be happy to design, develop and host your blog free of charge. Why? I like your stuff and think you have a lot to offer business people like me. The more you write and report, the more the business world benefits. And I’d like to say we’ve done Seth Godin’s blog.


  • On Six Apart’s Movable Type blog software; same as TypePad with a few additional features.
  • Design could be identical or upgraded.
  • LexBlog hosting on our servers with full back up; exceeding expectations of 100’s of leading law firms and other professional services businesses.
  • Contininuing free tech support, hosting and upgrades
  • Current content imported onto new platform.
  • All current incoming links work to content on new platform.

You can check out LexBlog. We do pretty nice work. Some of the largest law firms in the country have placed their faith in us for turnkey blog publishing solutions (consulting, design, marketing and support). We’re up to the task and it goes with out saying that it would be an honor to serve you Seth.

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