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Cuban asks do bloggers or the NY Times have higher standards ?

May sound nuts but Mark Cuban, publisher of Blog Maverick, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a very successful business person, asks us to comment on who has the higher standards, NYTimes Sunday Business or Bloggers. Who has higher standards? Mark commented such a question may have been crazy a few years ago but he’s not so certain anymore.

Given the admitted rush job by Randall Stross for the Sunday NY Times Business column that I discussed in my last blog entry, along with my previous experiences with that paper, I dont think it is preposterous any longer.

Who has higher editorial and reporting standards. Your typical fulltime blogger, or the NY Times  ?

Who puts more effort into researching their articles ?

Who conveys more depth ?…….Can a reader get a better understanding of the topics of the day, week, month in a given area by trusting the NY Times to present the news, or is it better ot do a search of news sources and the blogosphere for keywords, topics and tags on and become your own aggregator on an ajax homepage like,, , or any other personal aggregation environment?

Mark makes a good point. By monitoring keywords and keyphrases and checking out my aggregator once or twice day for a few minutes, I can get a good feel for what’s going on – usually from people who have some great sources and a great passion for that niche topic.

I’d take my copy from the lawyer blogs out there over that coming from the National Law Journal.

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