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Article about Steve Rubel a nice read

December 15, 2005

ADBUMB, a Pace Media Group Publication, has a very nice article on Steve Rubel’s work on blogs and participatory journalism over the last couple years.

Through his work with both the PR firm CooperKatz and his alliances with blog icons like Joseph Jaffe, Rubel has been a leader on the blog front since early 2004, and has since made a name for himself evangelizing the power and profitability of user-generated media.

Also per the article, blogs now carry a much more personal and humanitarian meaning for Steve.

Earlier this year, Rubel was diagnosed with skin cancer. Thankfully, surgery seems to have worked in his favor. “There isn’t a remission with the kind of skin cancer I had,” he says. “It was removed and now they’re looking me over in search of more growths. I was lucky.” While counting his blessings, Rubel isn’t exactly sitting idle: Via his new Skin Cancer Blog, Rubel’s become an outspoken advocate of taking simple, preventive measures to avert skin cancer. “With the Skin Cancer Blog, it is my hope to try to help others realize this is a 100% preventable cancer.” Already, he’s found success. “The blog is beginning to show up in Google searches nicely,” Rubel reports, “and I am getting emails from folks in the same boat.”

Steve has been a great person to work with, in at least an informal way through presentations and blog exchanges, and learn from over the last couple years. I remember phone calls with Steve in early 2004 laughing about all the attention we were each receiving by virtue of our blogs. We knew we were on to something – or at least that blogs were going to be a very big deal and that we intended to hang with them.

I consider it an honor to call Steve a friend and fellow evangelist for blogs and citizen journalism. Have a great holiday season Steve – though from my tribe I hope you don’t resent me saying Merry Christmas.

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