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PubSub law blog list cited as Calloway’s site of the week

December 13, 2005

PubSub’s law blog list has been made site of the week over at Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog.

PubSub’s Law List is a ranking of law-related weblogs (aka blawgs.) The rankings change frequently, moving up and down quite a bit, depending on the inbound or outbound links and (I assume) other factors. Still it is interesting to look at the rankings. You might discover a popular blog of particular interest to you on this week’s Website of the Week.

These top ten or most influential blogs lists get kicked around a lot. But the folks over at PubSub, one of the major RSS aggregators, ought to get some credit from us in the legal community for recognizing the good work lawyers and other legal professionals are doing with their blogs. I do not see any of the other RSS aggregator companies giving us this type of plug. And the static law blog lists that come out in hard copy once a year aren’t worth the paper they are written on – even if it is paper on digital pdf.

And if you’re not a subscriber to Jim’s blog, you ought to consider adding the feeds to your aggregator. Jim’s the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program. His blog focuses on law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies to law practice and our lives.

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