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Send an unsolicited testimonial to fellow blog

December 11, 2005

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing says one of the best ways of networking is to send an unsolicited testimonial.

You can point out what you like about a product, service, book or their contribution to society in general.

Most savvy marketing type folks understand the value of testimonials in their marketing and are on the lookout for that at all times. When you punch this button, you may move your networking agenda to the top of the stack. I’m not suggesting that you hand out flattery disingenuously (wow, that was big word wasn’t it), I’m simply saying that if you can honestly take this approach, it may help you get a person’s attention.

It all things, including marketing, tis better to give first if you want to receive. This is a pretty simple way to do it.

Do the same thing in marketing your blog. After you’ve had your blog up a month or two, drop an email to bloggers you admire and read. Tell them what you like and that you subscribe to their RSS feeds. Tell them what you are up to at your blog. Tell them your blogging goals and aspirations – how you hope to contribute to the public by blogging. Ask them to take a look at your blog and offer advice.

Blogging is pretty collegial. You’ll meet, at least virtually, some of the finest people around. By sharing a kind word, there’s a good chance the recipient will look at or subscribe to your blog. With a little luck, a post of yours may be shared with their audience, perhaps a few thousand strong.

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