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13 Tips on asking other bloggers for links

December 9, 2005

It’s well known that links to your blog from other relevant blogs will improve the search engine performance of your blog. But any experienced blogger will tell you not to beg for links.

Knowing this, Darren Rowse at ProBlogger offers 13 Tips on Asking other Bloggers for Links. The highlights:

  • Check to see if they’ve already written about it. If you’re letting them know of a something that they have already posted about it’s, you’ll look poor.
  • Don’t be offended if they don’t reply or use your link.

  • Make sure your link is relevant and useful.
  • Be Selective in which posts you promote.
  • Personalize it. Show the blogger that you’ve taken the effort to send them and them alone an email by mentioning their blog, name etc.
  • Remember that you might not be the only person giving them the tip.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Keep it informative. An email that says ‘check out this link’ doesn’t give a blogger any reason to check it out.
  • Give something away. One thing Rowse does is to offer them free use of the picture that he has on his post.
  • Be Generous with your own links.
  • Original content is best.
  • Learn from your experiences.

Check the comments to Rowse’s post for more suggestions. ProBlogger is a well read blog, one you ought to add to your feeds.

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