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Mondays are tough enough but geez….

It’s always great to start off a Monday morning with an email and phone call from a lawyer who says you have defamed him via one of your blog posts – a post from a year ago for that matter. Happened to me this morning. Doesn’t matter that the defamation claim is without merit, it just takes you down a notch when claims are made against you by folks that make a living suing people.

I am a lawyer by trade, having practiced for 17 years, so it should come as no surprise to me that a lot of lawyers take themselves way too seriously. But those that do really do give the profession an awful name. Just means those trying to do the best we can need to work that much harder to help a few folks along the way.

Tomorrow’s another day… and please no emails or phone calls implying a law suit against me is in the works. We have too much good work we need to stay focused on.

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