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Beginner’s guide to SEO – search engine optimization : Great resource

Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz Blog has published a hell of a resource on search engine optimization. His Beginner’s Guide to SEO covers, among other things:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why does my company need SEO?
  • How Search Engines Operate
  • Paid Placement and Secondary Sources in the Results
  • How to Conduct Keyword Research
  • Targeting the Right Terms
  • Critical Components of Optimizing a Site
  • Building a Traffic-Worthy Site
  • Growing a Site’s Popularity
  • Community Building
  • Press Releases and Public Relations
  • Building Personality & Reputation
  • Measuring Success: Website & Ranking Metrics to Watch
  • Working with a Pro vs. Do-It-Yourself SEO

Rand says he ‘s been toiling away in his non-existant free time with his goal a “comprehensive document that I could reference to the many newcomers I engage through email, forums and in person.” The Beginners Guide is as comprehensive as you’re going to get. Rand, you should take a lot of pride on what you’ve done here.

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