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Salt Lake law firms meeting

Wow, is Salt Lake City one beautiful place. Pass through the airport all the time but first time since law school graduation 23 years ago when I drove across the country that I spent time in town.

Plus the legal marketers and lawyers who attended the luncheon meeting on professional marketing blogs were a wonderful group. Good questions and many stayed around afterwards to learn a little more. One thing I need to remember is that what I knew about marketing blogs in November ’04 is still very very new to most folks today – no need to talk about the future of blogs and streaming media at this point.

And great thanks to trial lawyer John Day in Tennessee. I was doing a demo of Technorati to show folks how one could search Internet discussion in real time. We put in the term ‘Merck’ because of the Vioxx verdict that came down today. John’s post on Day on Torts about the verdict showed up number one on Technorati in that he had posted it just two minutes before. That flat out blew people away – their lawyers could post content on a blog and have it found in similar fashion.

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