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BusinessWeek are you listening?

Heather Green, a department editor for Business Week and one of the publishers of BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting blog posted that they have added a list of RSS subscribe buttons for various blog search engines/aggregators such as MyAOL, Bloglines, NewsGator etc.

Adding those buttons was great. It makes it easy for readers to quickly add the blog to the user’s personal aggregator. But man, I had a heck of a time finding those buttons and I looked all over. They’re buried at the bottom of the right navigation bar.

BusinessWeek is read by business leaders and innovators across the country. You’re thought leaders. If that’s that case, you ought to look the role. I know coming from a large corporation it’s not always easy getting what you want but you should – you need to have a nice looking blog template. It could be done with the same navigation scheme you have now with the main BusinessWeek site as well as the ads. But it could really be cleaned up and presented nicely.

Who would do it for you? LexBlog. Though we have focused on developing professional marketing blogs for the legal profession, we’re expanding outside the vertical and our blog designs and user interfaces are among the best in the industry. Our prices are very reasonable. We’d give you a deal.

We could set up the design template to be used for each of BusinessWeek blogs. In addition, LexBlog could set up a page where the blog posts from all your blogs would be aggregated and displayed. Great way to display your thought leaders and allow for easy subscription to any of the blogs.

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