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BusinessWeek : Where are the good law blogs out there?

Stephen Baker at BusinessWeek asks “Where are the good law blogs out there?”

As part of a project he’s working on, he’s looking for good law blogs and found no mention of the field in this Technorati listing.

Lawyers, me included, climb all over each other looking for promotional coverage – just look at all the comments suggesting law blogs for Stephen to look at.

Interesting that Stephen is working on such a project. I am working with two major aggregators to pull together such a list of law blogs, one in directory form and the other based on the popularity of a law blog. The easiest manner to measure blog popularity and relevance is by incoming links. That’s the way it is done by the major blog search engines and aggregators.

Though is an excellent resource, measuring a law blog’s popularity by the number of click throughs to a law blog listed in the directory, though done by some folks, is rather silly. Heck, though most of the world is getting up to speed on what a blog is, they sure do not know what a ‘blawg’ is (many lawyers call law blogs a blawg). I guess that’s a way to retain our reputation as being aloof and out of touch with average folks.