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Top ten SEO tips from search engine optimization expert

October 16, 2005

Jill Whalen, one of the leading authorities on search engine optimization, has a new ‘Top Ten SEO Starting Tips.’ I have a ton of respect for Jill. Her list is worth looking at.
SearchEngineWatch, my source for this post summarizes Jill’s list.

  • Stick with an established domain, if you can
  • Optimize for your audience, not search engines
  • Research target terms extensively
  • Design your site with target terms in mind
  • Build a search engine friendly site
  • Use descriptive links
  • Create compelling copy keeping target terms in mind
  • Incorporate target terms into your title tags (YES! Each page should have a unique title)
  • Ensure your site is link-worthy
  • Don’t fixate on ranking for one particular term

For a full discussion from Jill, read Jill’s full article.

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