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IBM On Demand Site: Blogging Means Business

IBM has launched a ‘Blogging Means Business‘ site where IBM executives Harriet Pearson, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Chief Privacy Officer for IBM, and Willy Chiu, Vice President of High Performance On Demand Solutions, discuss the role of business blogging in the marketplace.

No doubt the start of this site means large businesses understand the importance of blogs for marketing and PR. But you really have to wonder what executives who do not have a blog can really offer businesses looking to learn the ins and outs of blogging.

We’d all have a good belly laugh if a ski instructor who had never skied was giving skiing lessons. Now we have companies selling business service solutions who have seen blogs and RSS pass them by try to catch up by teaching others about blogs and how to use them. I’d say it deserves a laugh.

It would mean a heck of a lot more if line employees at IBM who were publishing blogs teach others about blogs.

Source of post: B.L. Ochman’s weblog

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