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Blog publishing hits the big time : Gawker-Denton/VNU Deal

B.L. Ochman reports blog publishing has hit the very big time with Denton’s Gawker Media signing a deal with the Dutch company VNU Media to publish the geek gadget blog Gizmodo across Europe in six languages, with augmented local coverage in each country. VNU will provide its local presence and its network of bloggers, and Gawker will provides its daily content and its well-established brand.

VNU is a leading global information and media company employing 36,000 people with total revenues of EUR 3.9 billion. VNU owns ACNielsen, Nielsen Media Research, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Computing, Intermediair. Gawker Media publishes over a dozen weblogs.

Also from Ochmnan, professional bloggers should take notice that money can be made publishing blogs.

Contributing writers on the European Gizmodo sites will be paid on a per-post basis and reportedly could make from 400 to 1,000 euros (US$475-US$1,200) a month, depending on how frequently they post. Denton is said to pay his bloggers about $1200 a month and require them to post a minimum of 10 times a day.

Get the feeling all heck is breaking loose in blogging. I do.

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