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AOL buys Weblogs Inc.

October 5, 2005

It’s reported by this evening that AOL has bought Jason Calacanis’ Weblogs Inc. for somewhere in the $20 to 35 million range. Weblogs, Inc. is a network of blogs on various topics ranging from sports to electronic gadgets written by bloggers paid by Weblogs Inc.

I’m feeling my way around the significance of this. Could mean that blogged content done well is getting closer in value to traditional content being published by the mainstream media. Could also mean that large companies like AOL see blogs popping up everywhere and they need to protect themselves in the event all hell breaks loose on the value of blog networks – $35 million to them is not a lot to hedge your bet. And finally it could mean that blogs are becoming a very big deal – but remember the dotcom hysteria and Jason being the bright guy he is saying this is a lot of money and there is no telling for certain that it will get better.

And for you aggregators of others content thinking you will get rich fast, remember that Jason’s content was all proprietary. These were all company owned blogs – not blogs published by third parties with RSS feeds coming into a Weblogs Inc. aggregator.

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