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Google Adwords : Everything you ever wanted to know

October 4, 2005

Chris Sherman at SearchEngineWatch, one of the best resources on SEO – search engine optimization, highly recommends a new book on the use of Google AdWords.

Andrew Goodman’s Winning Results with Google AdWords is an outstanding guide to the company’s advertising program. The book distills Andrew’s years of experience helping clients create and manage successful search advertising campaigns into a 352 page handbook that you’ll refer to often.

But the book goes beyond being merely a hands-on AdWords tutorial. Andrew also weaves in the insights and observations he’s well known for writing on Traffick. It’s this combination of pragmatism and thoughtful insight that makes the book a compelling read for just about anyone.

Adwords are easy as heck to set up for small law firms and other businesses but I am sure we all can learn a few things to get more for our money. Looks like a good book to pick up to put on the shelf next to Search Engine Optimization for Dummies.

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