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Blawg publisher : RSS growth discussion continues

Bill Gratsch, producer ‘Blawg,’ the leading directory of lawyer blawgs, continues the discussion on the growth of RSS, whether people know they are using RSS or not.

Bill’s thoughts on why RSS will become as much a part of the fabric of Internet use as email and Web sites:

In my mind, the goal should be to make the process of finding and subscribing to an RSS feed as simple as writing and sending an email. As part of this move towards simplification, there has been talk in the press that the acronym RSS is going to be replaced by something more intuitive. For example, there have rumors that Microsoft will start using the term ‘web feeds’ rather than RSS. Again, if true, I find this to be another positive sign. Big companies with deep pockets investing marketing dollars and funding technology innovations to make the RSS even more simple to understand and utilize, will help push the medium forward to the masses.

Not sure I am in favor of renaming RSS so it becomes named by Microsoft and appears to the masses to have been invented by Microsoft though.

If you haven’t checked out Blawg, you ought to do so. Great listing blawgs (lawyer blogs) broken down by categories.

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