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How-to book on podcasting

September 24, 2005

O‘Reily, a pretty fine publisher of technology books, has released Podcasting Hacks, self described as the ultimate how-to of podcasting.

Though O’Reily’s books can get a little too techie for most folks (me included), this one be worth having on the shelf for aspiring and experienced podcasters as it covers a fair amount.

  • Find the Best Podcasts: Subscribe to them (without filling up their hard disks), and pass them on to friends
  • Listen to Podcasts: Through a browser and a variety of different devices
  • Choose the Right Equipment and Software: Produce a podcast with the best sound and the lowest noise
  • Format a Great Show: Produce engaging programs that people will want to hear (including tips for interviewing and editing)
  • Market a Podcast: Maybe even make some money off of it!
  • Tweak a Blog or RSS Feed: Give listeners access to new shows
  • Join or Build a Podcast Network
  • Get Podcasts on the Radio
  • Include Video: Get started with professional-quality videoblogging

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