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LexBlog offers free hurricane relief blogs: For both law firm communication and support groups

In response to the natural disaster that has befallen the gulf coast region, LexBlog would like to help by making our services available for free to both those law firms impacted by the hurricane and the various groups and agencies lawyers are supporting through their volunteer efforts.

We understand that right now may not be business as usual and in response Lexblog would like to help by providing a free blog that can be used by your office for external and/or internal communication. These sites can be open to the public or secured behind password protection. Our staff will train you in how to use this tool to help restore lines of communication.

We are also becoming more aware of law firms who are focusing their resources and attention to assist in the aid and relief efforts. For these groups Lexblog would like to extend the same offer of a free blog to create a place to aid in managing communication. I also expect their will be other non-lawyer groups who could use blog support. We’ll help wherever we can, but LexBlog, being a start-up, needs to continue to serve our existing clients.

For law firms, blogs can be a central location for communications, to be later searched and navigated, rather than disjointed personal emails. Posts to the blog may then be automatically distributed to those subscribing. Blogs also permit the ability the upload files.

Possible uses of support group blogs, and I am sure there are many more, include:

  • Posting alerts and resources.
  • Posting communications to co-volunteers rather than using extended email lists.
  • Posting alerts to refugees as they will increasingly get access to online resources or they will have people who go online for them.
  • Posting requests for more resources – what, how much, what form, who do they deliver it to.
  • Posting requests for help – need more people – doing what, where do they come and when.
  • Getting messages up for media – post request/message and then let TV station, newspaper, radio and other Web sites know of blog site.
  • People can add resources, offers of help and ask questions via comments – all of which are moderated.

Training will include posting content to a blog, disseminating the content to your target audience and getting the word out about your blog.

If there is anyone you think we can help, drop me an email or give me a call, 206 855 0988. Please feel free to forward this message onto any state or local bar association or other appropriate group.

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