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Please Help New Orleans This Morning – no money, just send an email; Please

September 2, 2005

Your fellow American citizens need your help this morning. They need it before the money we are going to give is ever going to reach them. The situation in New Orleans is worse today than it was yesterday and is going to be worse tomorrow.

All it takes is for you, and others you can reach by email or blog, to contact your two senators and congressperson and demand immediate action as begged for by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. When Mayor Nagin was asked how we can help, he said contact your Senators and Congressperson now. Here is a site you can just click on your state or put in your zip code to reach a link for a form email to go to your Senators and Congressperson. If you do not have time to do an email, use the one I give you below.

Why act immediately? Listen to Mayor Ray Nagin’s passionate and at at times profanity filled plea for immediate federal government action in a WWL radio interview of last night that is playing periodically on CNN this morning. Mayor Nagin said say the feds “don’t have a clue what’s going on.” He added, “Excuse my French _ everybody in America _ but I am pissed.” The mayor says he needs troops and hundreds of buses to get refugees out. Nagin accused state and federal officials of “playing games” and “spinning for the cameras.” He says he keeps hearing that help is coming, but “there’s no beef.”
Hundreds of people, including children, are dying each day waiting to be picked up by buses that are not coming. Hundreds of people in hospitals before the hurricane are trapped because snipers shoot at boats trying to evacuate them and the airport is not equipped to handle them. My God, don’t the oldest, sickest and frail in our country deserve at least the help we would give people overseas and in war zones? Nurses and doctors have gone from panic in trying to save lives to resignation in watching people die. Most of these people had no means to leave New Orleans before the hurricane.
Chaos is reigning. Fires are burning but firemen, who can pump water onto them, are afraid to go out. 60% of New Orleans police officers have turned in their badges or are not showing up for shifts – they are trying to save their own and their family’s lives. Policemen are on the roof of the police station trying to defend it from snipers.

The President is traveling in the gulf area today. He is going to end the day in and around New Orleans. No matter your politics, he, like all of us, cares about people. If his traveling contingency starts hearing from Senators and Congress people today to please act, maybe we can speed up federal action in troops, food and medical support by a day or two. Doing so we can save thousands of our fellow American’s lives.

Please take 5 minutes:

  • Email your two Senators and your Congressperson.
  • What to say? Use your own words or cut and paste this: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin needs the federal government’s help today. He has told me through the media that people are dieing by the hundreds, his police are being overrun and that he needs troops & lots of them, he needs busses (500 or more), he needs healthcare support and he needs water and food. Things in New Orleans are worse today than yesterday. The President is traveling to the gulf today and ending his day in New Orleans. Please contact him and tell him he, with your support, needs to act today to help Mayor Nagen and the people of New Orleans.
  • Tell the White House directly at: .
  • Spread the word by email or blog; pass on this message (don’t need to say it came from me).

Screw politics – national or office wise, just please help these people today. Thanks & God Bless.

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