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There’s always time for some Ole and Lena jokes

As Dave Winer said last night, it’s always a good time for some Ole and Lena jokes. That’s especially true for someone like me from Wisconsin where Ole and Lena jokes were as part of the fabric of our society as Bret Favre and Packer football. You see, Ole and Lena were Norwegian Lutherans from Minnesota, our natural rival.

Here’s a few from Sheila’s Weblog cited by Dave.

Ole is taking Lena out on a date. He gets home, goes upstairs where Lena is standing in the middle of the bedroom naked. ‘Lena, why are you standing in the middle of the room naked?’ asks Ole. ‘Ohh Ole, I have nothing to wear!’ Ole walks over to Lena’s closet and opens it. ‘Lena! You have nothing to wear? Here’s your white dress, here’s your black dress, here’s Sven, here’s your orange dress..’

Ole and Lena were laying in bed one night when the phone rang, Ole answered it and Lena heard him yell, ‘Well, how the hell should I know, that’s over 2000 miles away!’ and he hung up. Lena says ‘Who was that Ole?’ Ole says ‘The hell if I know, some weirdo wants to know if the coast is clear.’

Ole was talking to his neighbor Sven who said, ‘Ole, you and Lena should really get some new blinds.’ ‘Why?’ asked Ole. ‘Well last night, I saw, you and Lena, well you know, doing it.’ Ole thought for a bit, then said, ‘Ha ha Sven, the joke’s on you, I wasn’t home last night!’

And who saws I don’t let me hair down once in awhile and get off the Internet marketing theme?

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