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Lou Andreozzi out at LexisNexis

LexisNexis announced today that Lou Andreozzi, president and chief executive officer of LexisNexis North American Legal Market, is leaving the company to pursue other career options.

Though I never worked with Lou, I sure do remember visting Martindale-Hubbell in about 1997 while he was serving as, I believe Chief Operating Officer of Martindale. I was practicing law in Wisconsin and had just started, later acquired by LexisNexis. I was invited back to their offices in New Jersey to discuss the use of the Internet for marketing small law firms.

Lou’s office was filled with sports memorabilia. Best of all were the boxing gloves from Lou’s one remaining legal client, Muhammad Ali. Lou chided me that I would never get to spend time hanging out in the leading executive’s office at West in Eagan, Minnesota. He was right.

I wish Lou and his family the best as well as the other folks at LexisNexis who probably weather the storm a bit each time there’s a change at the top.

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