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Cross promote law blog content via FeedBurner’s BuzzBoost

As reported by Darren Rowse at ProBlogger this morning, “Feedburner has announced a new service that enables bloggers to cross promote their blogs (if they have more than one) using their new BuzzBoost system.”

Basically, it allows your blog posts on one blog to be syndicated and displayed on another blog. Here’s what Feedburner had to say in releasing the service.

If you have several blogs or other sites that have their own feeds, we’ll bet a few bottom dollars you’ve been looking for a way to easily cross-promote them. Or, perhaps you’re a podcaster who would like to list your latest podcast postings in a blog sidebar or other handy garden spot somewhere on the web. The bottom line? You’ve got feeds you want to get out there where people can see ‘em, and you’d like to allow people to see the feed headlines (or content itself) in some compact, convenient format.

Enter BuzzBoost. It’s the latest publicity and awareness offering for FeedBurner publishers, and it’s free. BuzzBoost’s job is to redisplay your feed content anywhere you can copy and paste a short snippet of HTML code — in a Blogger or TypePad page template, on a corporate website, or even in a ‘signature’ block on a message board. BuzzBoost code is just a short line of JavaScript that displays content items and information from a FeedBurner feed according to settings you provide…

May be slick to have an easy to use tool at Feedburner, but this is basically going to be way the way of the land for the future. Rather than republish content in a second location, content will be displayed on a different Web or blog site via RSS feeds.

Good law firm Web sites, like Stark & Stark’s are already doing it. They stream content from their New Jersey Law Blog and Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog to the Stark & Stark law firm Web site so the content can be displayed on the Web site as articles and news for various practice areas.

Lawyers and law firms who love to play with technology and have the time to do so may find BuzzBoost worthwhile. But most law firms are going to need an Internet marketing company to set up feeds like this.

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