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Law Blogs PageRank for SEO (search engine optimization)

Danny Sullivan, the czar of SEO, has a nice post this morning at SearchEngineWatch enitited Revisiting PageRank Lunacy. Covers how people go nuts over the Google PageRank for their Web site or blog. Sullivan also points out what he believes is the key to high rankings via links from other sites and how to go about getting those links.

Here’s the simple means to find those good links. Go to the major search engines. Search for your target keywords. Look at the pages that appear in the top results. Now visit those pages and ask the site owners if they will link to you. Not everyone will, especially sites that are extremely competitive with you. However, there will be non-competitive sites that will link to you — especially if you offer to link back.

Why is this system good? By searching for your target keywords, you’ll find the pages that the search engines themselves are telling you are good, as evidenced by the fact that they rank well. Hence, links from these pages are more important — and important for the terms you are interested in — than links from other pages. In addition, if these pages are top ranked, then they are likely to be receiving many visitors. Thus, if you can gain links from them, you might receive some visitors who initially go to those pages.

For lawyer blogs, the best way to get links is not to ask for links but to write about and cite other’s blogs in your own legal blog. Do that and you’ll find other relevant law sites linking to your lawyer blog in spades.

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