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Dow Jones webinar on blogs : ‘The Risks & Rewards of Using This Hot New Medium’

Dow Jones is putting on a 90 minute online blog Webinar on July 12 at Noon ET “…[C]onvening an all-star panel of PR and legal experts to detail how you can use blogs to boost sales and marketing while also ensuring you protect your company from risks associated with this unregulated medium.”

Topics to be discussed in-depth include:

  • Liabilities to be aware of before starting a blog and how to minimize risks
  • How companies have benefited from blogging
  • The keys to ensuring you have a successful blog
  • How to set employee policies on blogging that protect the company without infringing employee rights
  • How you can effectively use blogs in your PR or marketing strategy
  • Who’s liable when an employee posts something that infringes on a third party’s (competitor’s) rights
  • Legal issues you need to be aware of if your company is in registration
  • The best policies for avoiding or minimizing information leaks

Lawyers and legal marketing professionals may register here.

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