By Kevin O'Keefe

Microsoft to bring RSS to the masses soon : live at Gnomedex

Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s Longhorn Browsing and RSS Technologies General Manager, is currently giving a presentation wearing a black t-shirt ala ‘I love New York’ with the big red heart saying ‘Longhorn loves RSS.’ The RSS is of course in that little orange rectangle with the letters RSS in it. Looks like we even get jackets with Longhorn loves RSS.

RSS feeds are coming to the desktop of every person in this country via Microsoft’s new operating system, Longhorn, beta version coming this summmer. RSS is in the browser so you can seamlessly subscribe to RSS feeds as you browse the net. Feeds will be coming in via MyMSN, Outlook email and calendaring platform and even Word.

Law firms will not be able to keep their marketing materials, particularly articles, alerts and email newsletters without RSS much longer. If they do, their marketing materials will not be reaching their target audience.

At noon today there will be more information on the Microsft site on Microsoft’s championing the use of RSS through its operating systems and applications. There will also more info in the weeks and months coming on Microsoft’s RSS work at the Microsoft Internet Explorer Development Blog.

Bill Gates said last year Web sites and email were outmoded means of business communication and that blogs and RSS were the answer. You will see this statement come to life sooner than you can imagine.

Kevin O'Keefe
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