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Law firm Web site SEO: How much is link to law firm blog or Web site worth?

Interesting post over at Search Engine Roundtable asking “How Much Are Links Worth?” The post references a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums where the answers range from nothing to over $500.

As the Roundtable reports “Bottom line…. as long as there is positive ROI on the link buy, then go for it. It is true that it is hard to realize the direct value of each link you buy, unlike with PPC, but it can be measured on a level better then print ads.”

That’s the great thing about blogs. Blogs generate links like crazy – for free. Those lawyers making positive contributions to the net through a blog are going to be cited by other blogers. Those cites are going to generate links.

I have never paid anything for a link to the LexBlog Blog (‘Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs’) but I have thousands of incoming links. Guess I’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Note for beginners: High search engine rankings are achieved, in part, by the number of incoming links from relevant Web sites and blogs. This plays abig part in law firm Web site SEO.

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