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Blog coaching – next business rip off?

JS Logan, co-founder of TopLineCreators, Inc., a business acceleration and revenue growth company, posts Blog Coaching – The Next Big Rip Off In The Business Blogosphere?

I don’t disparage anyone making a living (blog consultants), I just think you should be intellectually honest in your approach. Blogs are not for every person or every business. Not every business is suited for a blog, not every business will benefit, not every individual is geared to blog. That said, I like blogs – blogging has helped my business immensely. I just can’t stand the never ending hype and extolling of blogs as the new end of business. Blogs are a means, not an end. Blogs are an available tool of business…nothing more.

I agree with Logan. Like Darren Rowse, the founder of, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs and the publisher of a few other blogs, and my source for this post, says “Blogs are one solution for some businesses – they are definitely suitable for many businesses needs…Others might be better off putting their money into some other communication tool…”

In talking with prospective customers about LexBlog’s services (turnkey solution offering more than coaching), I want to find out what their Internet marketing goals and aspirations are. I want to find out about their target audience. I want to find out out if they are equipped to publish a blog and are looking to learn how to market via blogosphere. If there is not a good fit, I’ll suggest not using a blog. Even if blogging is a good fit, we’ll talk about whether LexBlog is a good fit for their firm.

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