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Bill Gates : Most businesses will blog, PR & marketing executives must embrace

April 17, 2005

Bill Gates recently shared his views on blogs with Tony Perkins, Creator & Editor in Chief of AlwaysOn as well as Red Herring Magazine, during a private dinner at Gates home on Lake Washington.

Blogging makes it very easy to communicate. It gets away from drawbacks of email and the drawbacks of a website. Eventually, most businesses will use blogs to communicate with customers, suppliers and employees, because it’s two-way and more satisfying.

Perkins added, “Gates  knows that the referral power of the blogosphere is also exploding and marketing and PR executives must embrace this reality or risk losing control of their messages.”

By the way you may want to pick up AlwaysOn, described as the blogazine of the innovation, as only portions are available online. Tony is no light weight. He’s a pioneering media entrepreneur and a prominent opinion leader in the technology business and investment editorial world. In addition to authoring books and publishing magazines, he chronicles the technology world in a regular column for the Wall Street Journal and as a television commentator for MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” CNN, CNBC, BBC, and Bloomberg Television.

Source of post: The Red Couch

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