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New York Law Journal does feature on LexBlog

The New York Law Journal did a feature on LexBlog and my blog in yesterday’s April 8 edition (reg. req’ed).

Anyone a subscriber to full site who can send me scanned copy of article? Introduction looked good but that’s all I could see.

“Real lawyers have blogs.” So declares the home page slogan at one of several Web logs operated by former Wisconsin trial attorney Kevin O’Keefe. Now president of LexBlog, a Seattle-based consultancy on Internet marketing to lawyers and law firms, Mr. O’Keefe is a self-described “evangelist in the red-hot world of legal blogs — so-called “blawgs.”

We’re doing substantially more than several blogs but an article that starts off that good, I’ll take anyday. Thanks to the wonderful marketing folks at Phillips Nizer in New York City, who are going to be launching a series of LexBlog produced blogs, for turning NYLJ reporter on to me.

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