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Steve Rubel : we’re headed to Oprah’s show

March 24, 2005

Steve Rubel keeps coming up with one bright idea after another. Wish I had thought of this one. Steve wants to see Oprah do a show on bloggers and he is doing something about it.

Many of Oprah’s guests find their way on to the program by writing in letters . We need to do the same. I have written the following letter (in his post) to Oprah. Please fill in the blanks and submit it here. If enough of us send in emails, maybe Oprah will run a show with amazing tales of blogging.

I’ll bet you Steve pulls this one off. Oprah is likely to do moving story on how blogs had a positive influence an individual’s or group’s lives. More people will feel comfortable with blogs as a means of communication and community building. Those lawyers who have professional marketing blogs will find an even more receptive audience for their information.

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