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I’ll be in New York City next week : want to meet re marketing blogs in general?

I am in New York City next Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1 to speak with Steve Ruble at a function Thursday evening. Anyone who wants to get together to learn more about professional marketing blogs and how they are being used by leading law firms and other companies, please let me know. I am available all day Thursday until about 6 and Friday until mid afternoon.

Just email me, call me at the office, 206 855 0988, or on my cell 206 910 4155. Do not worry about contacting me on a day’s notice or calling while I am there. I am pretty easy going. We can meet up at your office or the corner Starbucks, though you do not have them every 50 feet like we do in Seattle.

You also need not worry about a heavy sales presentation. I practiced law for 17 years and cannot say meeting with salespeople was something I enjoyed. I am all about helping and educating people. And in this case it’s just talking about what professional marketing blogs are, their advantages over current Internet marketing and how they are being used by leading law firms and other businesses.

Heck, when I do a presentation about blogs to prospective customers, my PowerPoint doesn’t even include details on LexBlog’s products and services.

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