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List of CEO bloggers : where’s Andreozzi of LexisNexis and Wilens of Thomson/West/FindLaw?

March 18, 2005

There’s a nice collection of CEO and corporate bloggers being assembled at a new PR wiki called TheNEWPR/Wiki. Constantin Basturea, a communications consultant with an excellent blog, PR meets the WWW, started the wiki so that PR pros can learn and collaborate about PR topics.

As Chris Jablonski of ZDNet says:

CEO blogs are popular because they let customers and other stakeholders see the human side on an organization minus the marketing and public relations filters typical of corporate communications. But they also pose a challenge to the PR world because blogs typcailly jump the PR barrier between companies and media. Nonetheless, the rise of blogs, RSS, and wikis are having a big impact on the nature of the PR business. So there is no better way to start adapting than to also embrace the technology.

Where’s the legal marketing dualopoly of LexisNexis/Martindale (CEO Lou Andreozzi) and Thomson/West/FindLaw (Mike Wilens) when it comes to the latest Internet communications, knowledge sharing technology and putting a face on their companies? No where that I can see. Shocking when these companies call themselves leaders in legal marketing and information technology. These two prove that monopolies do not adapt easily.

Source for post: ZDNet’s Between the Lines

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