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Hornsby, Bodine and O’Keefe to craft law firm blogging policy

March 18, 2005

Will Hornsby and Larry Bodine have agreed to help me draft a sample law firm marketing blog policy. We will not be drafting it in a vacuum. We’ll be putting it together by discussing on this blog the ethical, liability, marketing and management issues presented by lawyers publishing a blog. We’ll be seeking your comments via the comments feature of this blog, probably Larry’s blog and via email.

Law firms have been asking that I help craft a corporate blogging policy for them. Legal marketing and business development professionals in leading law firms are chomping at the bit to launch professional marketing blogs for practice groups or particular lawyers. These folks often need some help in getting the firms administration to approve a blog marketing program. One thing that will help is a blog policy.

Will Hornsby, in addition to being a heck of a guy, has served as staff counsel at the American Bar Association since 1988. He has worked with the Standing Committee on Professionalism, the Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services and the Commission on Advertising. Will has written and lectured extensively on issues of client development, technology and ethics. In addition to authoring other publications Will has authored Marketing and Legal Ethics. Will serves as a chair of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission Hearing Panel and is an adjunct faculty member of John Marshall Law School, where he teaches the nation’s only course on the professional responsibilities of a technology-based law practice.
Larry Bodine, who we all know and love, is a leader in Internet marketing. In addition to founding a leading law marketing listserv and an excellent law marketing portal, Larry served as Director of Communications at Sidley, Austin Brown & Wood and as Editor and Publisher of the American Bar Association Journal.

Wow, what the heck are these guys hanging around a snot nosed Midwest kid raised who had to fool a few folks just to get into law school?

In any case, we’ll get things rolling next week. If you have any questions at anytime, including now, about issues you think could be addressed in a law firm blog policy, drop me an email.

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