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Forbes starts blogging : joins other major business publications

forbes_home_logo.gifJoining Fast Company, Business 2.0, and Business Week, Forbes Magazine has begun blogging.

As Rick Bruner over at Business Blog Consulting says “Forbes highlights ‘hidden jewels’ on their site. Each post gives you four or five sentences about an article that you may have missed when you were reading the magazine.”

And in the true blog spirit, a Forbes’ editor comments directly on Bruner’s blog:

Just wanted to add that it highlights not only an editor’s pick of articles readers may have missed in our magazine but across many of the outlets Forbes now has, including our web site,, our investment newsletters, and our Video Network. And, of course, we do have more than 40 RSS feeds of the various parts of our site available, too.

Blogs are no fad. They are popping up just like Web sites did 5 to 7 years ago, just a heck of a lot faster.

Large law firms serving the major corporations better start blogs for their niche practice areas or they are going to be left in the dust by other law firms.

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