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ABC’s Nightline blog program : tells lawyers to take action

Last evening ABC’s Nightline’s entire program was on blogs. The story and accompanying video (if you can get it to work) is still up on their site. The coverage was not what you think – another all hyped up story about this hip and cool technology tool. For me, the program was all about the positive influence blogs can have.

Even the underdogs of the world now have a voice. When someone’s blog reports on a situation, offers insight or provides helpful information they can make a big impact – whether it be social change or by helping people receiving helpful information. Unlike Web sites, the blogosphere allows word to travel like wild fire from blog to blog and from blog audience to blog audience. And people effecting social change and helping others feel good about themselves and end up with a lot of respect from others.

What does this mean for lawyers?

  • Lawyers with blogs can effect change
  • Lawyers can help people by publishing practical legal information whether it be for consumers, small business people, corporate executives or in-house counsel
  • Lawyers with blogs offering such information will grow their business and feel less pressure to get that next client, next case or next billable hour
  • Lawyers can offer insight and voice opinion in their practice areas when they feel it’s needed – they have a soap box
  • Lawyers can improve the image of the legal profession
  • Lawyers can feel proud to be a lawyer and know they are practicing in a noble profession – they’ll feel good about themselves

Where do lawyers start?

  • Spread the word on the positive things a blog can do for the public and for lawyers themselves
  • Lawyers with well read blogs, especially those read by other lawyers, have a great soap box to do this
  • Lawyers invited to speak about blogs, especially at functions like the ABA TechShow, an organization that stands for helping others and improving the image of our profession, have an audience looking to you to tell them about blogs in the TechShow blog program (if not rejected as a speaker, I’d be there in a New York minute – not to sell, but evangelize)

Continue to follow your own passion, have fun with your own blog, do a good job for your clients and market your business as best you know how but take a few minutes to realize the opportunity that blogs present lawyers. We should not blow the opportunity.

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