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Yahoo to invest in blogs

Analysts believe Yahoo is going to begin investing in blogs, this per a Reuters Report. Yahoo was one of biggest reasons the Internet took off in the mid 1990’s. So get ready to see blogs really take off – more than they already have.

Fact is, Yahoo already has already begun investing in blogs with the development of a user friendly interface at MyYahoo for receiving your RSS feeds from any blog you select. You’re seeing that MyYahoo button on a lot of blogs so you can add RSS feeds to your MyYahoo. Plus rumours have been circulating for awhile that Yahoo is looking at Six Apart, the owners of TypePad, Live Journal and Moveable Type. Or perhaps better put, the VC’s investing in Six Apart are targeting Yahoo as their liquidation event.

Here’s some highlights from the Reuter’s report.

  • Yahoo recently integrated RSS feeds into its MyYahoo home page.
  • Susquehanna Financial Group’s Marianne Wolk says Yahoo is likely to continue to invest in the blogosphere:
    • Building and buy tools that help its users create, publish and search blogs
    • Expanding into social networking software, which lets users share and organize content.
  • Wolk sees potential new advertising market to grow around blog content.

Yahoo’s investment in blogs is good news for lawyers and law firms publishing blogs. It will bring blogs and RSS to the masses – those people within a specific target audience of the law firm’s blog. Will probably also make a few bucks for shareholders of Yahoo.

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