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Auburn professor looking for your feedback on business blog experiences

Professor Robert French, who teaches public relations and multimedia at Auburn University in Alabama and the author of InfOpinions? is seeking feedback from ‘real business bloggers’ who have adopted blogs into their business marketing plan. He’s started a blog called BLOGthenticity that invites business bloggers to share how blogs have impacted their businesses.

Auburn University is one of the leaders in bringing blogs to journalism and mass media students. Law firms and legal marketing professionals with blog experience, please help Professor French and his students out. Here’s the short list of what they are looking for:

  • How the blogs have helped the business
  • Why did these businesses choose to launch a blog
  • What are some of the strategies they are incorporating into their blogs
  • How does the blog assist in customer relationship management
  • Does your blog drive sales
  • Does your blog support your products
  • What value has blogging added to your business

Source: PR meets the WWW

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