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Wall Street Journal : Blogs are a public service

Peggy Noonan wrote in the Wall Street Journal (sub. req’ed) yesterday that Blogs act as a public service. Though not covering marketing blogs, the article is a good read nonetheless.

You read this story and you get the sense that bloggers, who write for free, are right there with the main street main media in keeping a check on government and the powerful in our country. Amazing stuff in that this is a check our forefathers (mostly lawyers by the way) had in mind in making sure free speech and the power of the pen were so carefully protected.

Those who read my blog know I believe lawyers have a social obligation to perform public service. For lawyers sitting on their butt, when it comes to using their well honed legal skills to serve the public, publish a blog on your area of practice. </p

Take the challenge. You will be serving others and growing your practice at the same time. How the heck do you beat that?

Source: The Blog Herald

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