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New Google algorithm coming – good news for law firms

Search Engine Guide reports it’s seeing some changes in Google’s algorithm. It’s that algorithm which determines search results and rankings when Internet users search for a keyword or key phrase. You may see such a change by Google as a “Google dance.

The big change per the Search Engine Guide is that links from sites with content that’s unrelated to the site being linked to will no longer carry much weight as a link. This would be a wonderful setback to comment spammers on blogs and unscrupulous search engine optimization (SEO) companies who create link farms (sites comprised of thousand of links) linking to their customer’s Web sites. Remember incoming links from popular blogs or Web sites tells Google your blog or site is a popular one and should be ranked higher.

Good news for lawyers and legal marketing professionals

  • Law firms throwing money at SEO companies with link farms will not perform as well on keyword searches.
  • Less motivation for companies to comment & trackback spam your blog. Do not expect to see the spam go away right away – the jerks selling the spam service are not about to tell their clients the spam is no longer working.
  • Links to your blog or Web site from law related blogs or sites will mean more. If you publish a good law blog, others will write about you on their blog (linking to your posts in their posts) and list your blog in the blogroll (list of blogs) on their own blog.

Source: MarketingVox News

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