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Paul Chaney interview on professional bloggers

Rok Hrastnik conducted an excellent interview with Paul Chaney about professional bloggers.

Paul is a good guy who contacted me intrigued with the idea of professional marketing blogs for lawyers. Along with me, he believes there is nothing wrong with monetizing blogs. Heck, if lawyers are going to contribute content to the public via a blog, why shouldn’t that be a component of marketing their legal services?

Paul’s star has risen a bit since and is now the President of the Professional Blogger’s Association. He also did the editing for Susannah Gardner’s Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, a good book which should be out next month.

The interview covers a range of topics including:

  • What is the Professional Bloggers Association? What are its goals? And most especially, how can they help (and plan to help) professional bloggers? How can you sign-up today?
  • Who are professional bloggers anyway?
  • What makes for an A-list blogger, and how can one become one of the top bloggers on the internet?
  • What are the exact steps for getting readership and increasing your blog traffic? How to increase your RSS readership?
  • Is there a witch-hunt on for bloggers who promote things with their blogs? Are the “transparency police” really here?

This audio stuff on blogs ain’t all bad. I thought it was going a little overboard when I first heard of podcasting. But I listen to interviews while blogging in the evening and it beats the heck out of most of the stuff on television.

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